About District Court

The Second Judicial District Court is Bernalillo County’s court of general jurisdiction. Because it is the busiest district court in New Mexico, the Second Judicial District Court is divided into divisions: criminal court, civil court, family court, and children’s court.

District court judges are trial judges. A good way to think about where district court judges fit into the judicial system is to picture an NFL game:

  • A district court judge is like the referee, managing the game and making calls on the field.
  • A court of appeals judge is like the referee in the booth who reviews calls made on the field when the call is challenged. Because of the standard of review, the call made on the field often survives video-replay scrutiny.
  • A Supreme Court justice is like the official in the league office in New York who has the final word regarding the call, and also has responsibility for writing the rules of the game.

Daniel Gallegos is a district court judge in the criminal court division, Division 15, presiding over felony criminal cases arising in Bernalillo County. As in the above example, Judge Gallegos manages criminal cases and makes legal rulings that are subject to the review of the New Mexico Court of Appeals and the New Mexico Supreme Court.

We recognize and appreciate that public interest in criminal cases in Albuquerque is at an all-time high. We also know that 30-second clips on the news and stories in the newspaper and on social media do not always tell the full story. This can be problematic when the public has to evaluate judges for election.

Judge Gallegos wants the public to be as informed and knowledgeable as possible. We encourage and invite you to take time and go watch Judge Gallegos in action. Depending on the day, you may be able to see a felony criminal trial, a pretrial detention hearing, a sentencing hearing, or hearings on other important issues.

Judge for yourself how well Judge Gallegos runs a criminal trial or how well he decides complex legal issues. See for yourself Judge Gallegos’s judicial temperament and his respect for litigants and the rule of law.

We are confident that if you take advantage of the opportunity to see the whole picture, you will see that Judge Gallegos is an outstanding judge with common sense and strong judgment who you can trust to make the hard decisions.

Click here to see Judge Gallegos’s calendar. The Court Calendar is available at 4 p.m.for the next business day.

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